Is Ombré the New Black?

Ombre Hair

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Hair colours come and go, so what’s in for summer 2017?

We’ve been through phases of fuschia, royal blue, scarlet red, and baby pink, but this summer we are going for a more natural look, with beautiful ombré. However, this year, it takes on a new twist.

Rather than just go for a plain, flat colour this year, the trend is to mix it up a little. Pair sunkissed golden highlights with caramel tones to achieve a tortoise shell effect, known as ecaille.

This isn’t the first time this style has crossed out paths. In 2013/2014 this was also a hot look, but it’s back with a vengeance this summer.

The key is to get as much texture with all the ambers, honey tones, and warm browns. This is a great look for people with thin hair, as the added texture gives the impression of added volume, with your hair appearing to spread over numerous dimensions.

Frame your face with highlighted tousles at the side – usually in a centre parting, but a slightly off centre parting can also work well for this. Your hair should generally look soft, light and bouncy, rather than harsh and flat.

Think Cindy Crawford from the 90s, J-Lo or Christie Turlington and you will be thinking along the right lines.

Go for the 2017 ombré ecaille look, and not only will you look like you just stepped out of the salon, but you will also look like you just stepped off the catwalk.

If you want to have a go at creating the look yourself at home, try using the L’Oréal Bronde Kit. It’s a little bit tricky, so devote a full afternoon or evening to it – don’t try to do it if you are in a hurry. You need to be completely relaxed and able to really think about every step.


You can also find the boys getting into this trend, including Justin Bieber.

Other looks that will be powerful this year include platinum hair, as well as black with blue highlights. Rich shades of red and auburn will also continue to dominate the red carpet, with A-listers like Emma Stone rocking the look.