Best Styling Products for Men

Justin Bieber

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It’s not always just about the women. These days nobody bats an eyelid when men buy hair magazines and pile hair products into their basket at Boots.

This is probably why more and more brands are releasing better styling products for men, giving them more choice than ever before.

However, the way men style their hair is changing. Many of the gel products have been kicked into touch by large brands, and others have revised their gel formulas altogether. Plus, less gel products are entering the market.

What is the problem with gel and why is it becoming less fashionable for men?

One of the reasons is the way it has traditionally been known for making hair crunchy, rather than giving it a soft hold. There have been many gel products that have been loaded with alcohol too, as this ingredient acts as a defense against water, however men have started paying more attention to how the products they use are composed.

Gel still plays its part in the male styling products market though. Those sculptured looks you see on the likes of Liam Payne and Justin Beiber are all achieved with a touch of gel.

Liam Payne - Gel

The key is to use it on medium hair lengths, as long hair will look greasy with too much gel, and short hair can be consumed with gel if you are not careful. If you fall into either of these categories, then you may be better off taking a look at waxes or hair creams instead. There is always going to be a product to suit your particular hair style, so don’t settle for anything that doesn’t look right, just move on to the next product.

Gel doesn’t have to give you that ‘wet look’ anymore. They have changed and evolved over time, allowing you to pick the perfect gel product with a matte finish. You can also select gels that have other benefits, not just styling benefits, such as added volume.

Whether you are going for a natural look, wet look, dishevelled look, bed head look, or smart look, you will be able to achieve this with one of the gels available on the market.

The key is to experiment. Take a look in your local Boots, Superdrug, or online at Mankind or Direct Cosmetics, and you will easily be able to narrow down your selection.

If you have the money for it, go and have a play with your hairdresser. Get them to take you through a series of different looks and how to achieve them, and then whichever suits you the best, get the product that allows you to be able to achieve this at home yourself.

Just some options you may want to consider include:

Aveda Men Pur-formance Firm Hold Gel

If you really want to tame and control your locks, then this may be the gel for you. It gives you the ultimate in definition and shine, without making the hair appear claggy and crusty.

Paul Mitchell – Mitch Steady Grip

This allows you to achieve a firm hold, and is alcohol free. It also has the added advantage of improving the appearance of thinning hair.

Original Sprout Natural Hair Gel

This fantastic product is perfect for men concerned about what their hair gel contains. It is 100% vegan and leaves your hair with a natural, clean feel, whilst offering optimum hold.