The Mid-Length Bob is Back

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Long luscious locks seemed to be the thing a few years back, with all the girl bands sporting thick hair that tousled down their backs. From the likes of Girls Aloud to Little Mix (who still favour the lion’s main) and everyone in between – hair extension manufacturers must have been going through a boom.

Now, however, the Essex style, super long hair, is finally starting to see its day, and many of the cool celebs are opting for a Mum-style, mid-length bob. Take Alexa Chung, for example, and many others.

The great thing about the mid-length bob is its versatility. You don’t need to settle for one particular hairstyle, but can do plenty with it to make it your own.

Wavy Bobs

One of the main looks of the year is the wavy bob. Whether parted in the centre, or to the side – a la Victoria Beckham – the key is to get loose curls that fall naturally down the side of your face. The side parting has been a look sported by quite a few this year. Check out the Cannes film festival for some inspiration. For this style, good ears are required – as it involves tucking one side behind your ear and letting the other side fall slightly in front of your face. This leads to a natural, and very flattering, urge to cock your head slightly to the side. It is very feminine and perfect for occasions where you are required to dress up. If you don’t have the ears, don’t worry, as the style also looks amazing with slides, and you can slightly hang them over the top of your ear.

To get the perfect curl, buy a large curling wand and wrap the hair around a chunk at a time. Make sure you use a heat protector before you use any styling tool, so as not to singe your hair. You can cause irreversible long-term damage if you don’t take care when applying heat.

Straight Bobs

The straight bob has always been stylish, but this year, team a mid-length bob with a short fringe. This is a modern take on the Mary Quant bob of the 1960s and very effective for ladies with naturally straight hair.

Thin Hair and Thick Hair

Another advantage that the medium length hair cut has is that you can get away with thin hair. Simply add a wave, or a tousle, and your hair will appear thicker than it naturally is.


So whether you usually wear your hair tied back, or prefer to wear it down, the mid-length bob offers something for everyone – and not just those 40 something yummy mummy types.