5 Hairstyles Best Confined To History

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Throughout the years there have been some truly terrible fashions when it comes to hair, but which are the worst. We have gone back in time to find the four worst kind of hairstyles that should never be allowed to come back into fashion.

The Mullet

It goes without saying that the mullet has to top the list. It became popular in the early 1980s with footballers and pop stars, quickly spreading through the male population like some horrific virus. Some one the worst offenders were Pat Sharp, Kevin Keegan and Mel Gibson, although women weren’t immune to the mullet either.

The Rattail

Another abomination from the 80s and 90s, the rattail is exactly what it sounds like, a long tail at the back of the neck which looks like it belongs to a rat. The sheer effort the must have gone into creating this terrible look makes it even the more unbelievable. It has to be said that the style was much more popular with men than women. Well done for steering clear of this one girls.

The Bowl Cut

As the name suggests, this terrible haircut looks like somebody has placed a bowl on your head and cut straight around it with the scissors. In fact, that is more than likely how this look is achieved most of the time. Also known as the mushroom cur or helmet cut, there are no words no describe the hideousness of this style

The Rachel

This is a controversial one, as during the mid 90s the Rachel cut, inspired from Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends, was extremely popular. Everybody knew someone who tried out this cut at some stage, but that it was makes it so awful. The short lived trend soon died out and the the classic sitcom long finished, hopefully there will be no sign of the hairstyle returning soon.

The Comb Over

Who doesn’t cringe when they see someone trying to hide a bald stop with a bad comb over? One of the most famous examples of this style is the President of the USA Donald Trump, and who on earth would want to look like him? Come on guys, if you’re losing your hair, just admit it and stop trying to hide it with this awful style. Check out this post on pophangover for more terrible combovers.